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Preserve those Priceless Treasures

Tucked away in a safe place are those priceless recordings made  years ago.....USO or Red Cross recordings for soldiers, home-made records, "do it yourself" studio records, 16 inch vinyl recordings, precious old 78 records from a by-gone era...the list goes on and on.  Some are solid vinyl, some aluminum core, and others cardboard. Despite the numerous differences in these unique recordings, they all have one thing in common: each is priceless and cannot be replaced.


These treasures require special care and handling. We at DLF Music take that very seriously.  Because the recordings are unique, getting a quality transfer result requires not only the right equipment, but also a knowledgeable and experienced hand.

DLF Music has the equipment....dedicated, specialized turntables, many       types of styli, and more.  To assure good results with these recordings, we not only have made a financial investment, but also an investment of our time learning about these varied and special records. We use methods that will not only protect your treasures but also will result in the best quality sound reproduction possible.

Because these recordings vary, please call to discuss             

 order options and pricing.




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