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When is our Premium Service right for you?

  • When your music is complex with subtle undertones, layers and harmonies.
  • When you will be enjoying your new CDs on high end sound equipment.
  • When you have a discerning ear for music.


How has each service been improved?


The standard cables we use in our sound system have been upgraded to premium Monster gold cables. The stylus which normally comes with our Dual turntable has been upgraded to a more sensitive stylus. As well, we have added a Monster power filtering devise to the power supply.

These upgrades result in two improvements. Even more of the music in the lp is picked up and transferred to the sound card and onto your new CD. Second, more of the "extra" sound signals, which are not part of your recording but are being generated thru power lines, etc., and  sent to the sound card to be passed along in the recording of your new CD are eliminated thru a special power filter.


Sound Cleaning

We add the human touch to the sound cleaning process. With our regular sound cleaning we let the computer do all the deciding as to which sound cleaning effects and how much of each should be applied to the recording. We start by having this computer program do its magic, but we then double check the results. We listen to the computer results and adjust the effects to maximize the sound quality. While this can be helpful with all records this is most helpful with old 78 records.



CD Case

For our premium CD case we not only scan your album's front but the back as well. We add this image to the front section of the CD case along with the front artwork.



We transfer lps, albums, records, and vinyl to cd. We print directly on all our copy albums, lps, vinyl and records to cd which means no labels to gum your cd player. All DLF Music convert vinyl, records, albums and lps to cd have the song names, artist and release name included on the cd. If you select a jewel case with your restore vinyl, records, lps or album to cd it will have the artwork from the front of the release copied to jewel case front. With your transfer lps, albums, records and vinyl to cd jewel case back will have the tracks listed and the artist and release name printed on the side spine.



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